Reducing wildfire risk by converting biomass to biochar

What is the Challenge?

A century of fire suppression has left our forests dry and full of unprecedented amounts of biomass – providing fuel for extreme wildfires. Add climate change, with hotter temperatures and longer summers, and we’re now seeing forests being destroyed by wildfires at an accelerating rate. In the US, wildfires burn 8 million acres per year – an increase of 250% since the 1990’s, and account for ~8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Cedar Creek Fire – Winthrop, WA – 2021

What is Biochar?
A Solution

Biochar made from small diameter trees (the fuel for extreme wildfire) will create a market for biomass that previously had no value. This will increase the pace and scale of small diameter tree thinning and reduce the wildfire risk. Biochar is a carbon rich material produced by heating biomass in the absence of oxygen, retaining much of the carbon in a highly stable form. Some benefits…

  • Reduces wildfire risk
  • Fights climate change
  • Supports regenerative agriculture

Raw Feedstock (left), Biochar (right)

How does it work?

Our Mission:

Advancing forest health restoration to reduce the risk of extreme wildfire in the Pacific Northwest.

Who is C6?

We’re a nonprofit that uses innovative and science-based solutions to reduce the risk of wildfires and fight climate change.

We reduce wildfire risk by removing excess biomass (the fuel for extreme wildfires), and turning it into biochar, a carbon-rich material that supports regenerative agriculture.

We Need Your Help

Only by protecting our carbon storing forests from extreme wildfire can we protect our climate and communities. We’ve completed our 1st milestone, our biochar production proof of concept. We’re close to completing our 2nd milestone, being shovel ready for our Pilot Biochar Plant, and have begun raising capital for construction. Please help us.

C6 Forest to Farm
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