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Introduction: Andrew Buhayar

New C6 Board Member: Andrew Buhayar
C6 Forest to Farm is very grateful to have Andrew Buhayar on our Board of Directors. Since joining the C6 board, Andrew has worked to advance the governance of the organization, recruited new board members, and advanced targeted outreach to donors.  When he isn’t helping C6, Andrew is a Health Delivery Consultant primarily working with global funding organizations and implementing groups in Africa and Southeast Asia. Andrew lives mostly in Seattle, Winthrop, and hotels overseas.

Q&A with Andrew Buhayar
As a resident of both Seattle and the Methow Valley, can you tell us a little about how wildfire impacts you and your family?

There hasn’t been a time in recent memory where I haven’t thought about wildfire – from displacement of neighbors and community members, to the impacts on the terrain, to the air my family is breathing…it’s ever present. On one hand it influences where and how we spend our time and the need to be flexible. As one example it has significantly impacted the many daycare/childcare programs my family relies on and has rendered them far less stable. At the same time, the events each summer certainly reaffirm my volunteer commitment to C6.

You work in global health and have been a board member for a variety of nonprofits. What led you to get involved with C6, and how has your professional and past volunteer experience helped you contribute to the mission?

I’ve long thought it was important to volunteer in the communities in which I spend time, and as I noted above, C6 presented a means of being involved not only in a critical issue for our time, but also one localized to the region. As a new organization, somewhat regardless of its objectives, it requires the structure and thoughtful approach to addressing its business challenges that I’ve helped bring to many other organizations throughout my career. C6 is the third non-profit board I’ve served on and shares many of the same challenges and opportunities as the other orgs I’ve supported. I very much look forward to applying what I’ve learned to help C6 succeed.

When you’re not working or helping C6, what do you do for fun?

I’m an avid cyclist and skier, so pending the time of year and my family’s willingness to join me on the trails, you can find me speeding through the mountains and valleys of the PNW – road, mountain, gravel, skate, classic – makes no difference, just like being outside and moving.

You’re a big biker, care to share any of your favorite routes (gravel road or other)?

The gravel roads/trails around Bowen Mountain and through Pipestone Canyon have become some of my favorites in MV – plenty for everyone and lots of room to roam. Pending how much time I have, I’ll stretch the ride over to Loup Loup pass or dip down to Pearrygin lake state park and pick up the loop trail around the lake to catch some shade on a hot day. If you are heading to Sun Mt. I always get a kick out of Pete’s Dragon after pushing up Climb It.

Andrew is 3rd from the left (ready to ride).