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Introduction: Rachel Brombaugh

New C6 Board Member: Rachel Brombaugh

C6 Forest to Farm is very excited to announce Rachel Brombaugh has joined our Board of Directors. Rachel brings over two decades of experience in climate policy and finance. When not helping C6, Rachel is the Washington State Managing Director for PACE Equity, LLC, investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the commercial built environment. Rachel lives in Seattle with her husband Dan and enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest on skis, wheels, and other self-propelled craft. 

Q&A with Rachel Brombaugh
Can you share how wildfire impacts you and your family?

My family has been visiting the Methow for many years, and are saddened to see the beautiful landscapes, ecology, and communities harmed by the increasingly large and destructive wildfires. But my concern goes deeper than that – both my husband and I have health issues that make us sensitive to wildfire smoke, so for us it’s a matter of health and well-being. 

What inspired you to give your time and talent to C6?

I’ve been in the climate policy field for many years, and I know that we need to take immediate and tangible actions to reduce and sequester carbon in the atmosphere. C6’s mission resonated with me not only for the climate impacts, but for all the other reasons biochar is a great solution – it promotes forest health, less waste of resources, improved agriculture, and jobs in rural communities. 

When you’re not working or helping C6, what do you do for fun?

I’m such a typical pacific northwestern outdoors person – my husband and I are members of the Kongsberger Ski Club and cross country ski as much as we can in the winter, and hike, rollerski, and kayak in the summer.  I like to travel, but haven’t done much in the past couple of years. Finland is top of the list when we make a big trip.

What are your favorite XC trails in the Methow?

Hard question – there are so many. I like Jack’s Trail and River Run at the upper end of the valley, and Thompson Ridge loop at Sun Mountain. And of course the MCT out to the Tawlks Foster Bridge.