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C6 Forest to Farm is a mission-driven, non-profit organization leveraging innovative, proven, science-based solutions to reduce the risk of wildfires, fight climate change and improve soil health. We are an interdisciplinary team with extensive land management, finance, product development and engineering experience. Our plan centers around biochar production which will create market demand for non-merchantable trees, increase the pace and scale of thinning and restore fire resilience to our carbon-storing forests.

Our Mission:
Reducing the risk of extreme wildfire in the Pacific Northwest by advancing forest health.

We Envision:

  • Healthy, fire-resilient forests
  • Reduced smoke from wildfires and slash burning
  • Long-term carbon sequestration
  • Healthy, productive soils
  • Family wage jobs and clean, sustainable rural economic development
  • Creating economic value from forest biomass previously considered waste