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Dear Friends, Partners, and Supporters –

Since our founding in late 2019, C6 has worked to advance our mission of reducing the risk of extreme wildfire in the Pacific Northwest by advancing forest health.

We are proud of the progress we have helped make alongside our partners and the community. And we are grateful to all the individuals and organizations who have supported our mission and work. Thank you.

Working with our local, state, and federal partners, we have helped to raise awareness about the opportunity to develop biochar from excess forest biomass and advanced the industry, building regional and national partnerships. 

Our team has conducted an extensive analysis and will publish a feasibility study that provides an assessment of the resources and planning required for a potential biochar production facility model, including:

  • Securing available feedstock in the region (Forest to Plant);
  • Production facility design (Plant); and,
  • Customer discovery (Plant to Farm).

Looking ahead, we are planning to complete our feasibility study in Spring 2024, with the goal of providing a model and blueprint for the public and private sectors.

At the same time, our analysis to date makes clear that the development of a biochar production facility utilizing excess forest biomass would require substantial capital investments that outstrip the ability of our organization to secure the needed financing. 

For that reason, following the completion and publication of our feasibility study in Spring 2024, C6 plans to conclude its work and wind down operations. Our hope is to identify and support another organization’s effort, whether a private company or nonprofit, in building and sustainably operating a biochar production facility.

As we wrap up our efforts over the coming months, we will continue to work with our partners and supporters to advance the excess biomass utilization industry in the Pacific Northwest.

We are also grateful to C6 Cofounders Gina McCoy and Tom McCoy. As they depart C6 following their decision to resign, we thank them for their vision, expertise, and years of work to advance the organization’s mission of reducing the risk of extreme wildfires.

Thank you to all our supporters and partners for sharing our vision for reducing wildfire risk – and for your tireless support.

With gratitude, 

The C6 Team